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Apr 2017 - More network upgrades, ASA5510 to ASA5512X, and a nice fiber connection to the internet.

Mar 29 2015 - Completed move to all new hardware, Pix to ASA, HP1810 to Cisco 4948E, Supermicro super workstation to dell T630 server.

Sep 2 2013 - Powersupply failure, had to drive 5 hours (round trip) to source a supermicro powersupply.

Jun 02 2013 - Long outage this weekend, two drives in a raid 5 didn't work after a system upgrade (added a 2nd processor & doubled the memory). Recovered data from backup, but with a fresh OS install. Decided to move away from Hyper-V to ESX at the same time. There will be another outage likely next weekend after hard drives arrive and the system will be moved to a new raid array. *Old were Western Digital RE2s in raid 5 new will be Segate 15k.6 raid 10.

Feb 23 2012 - Coming Soon - Mid March - New (optional) server with latest mysql/php/apache. Newer php changes code structure; Users get to choose when they want to migrate to the new architecture. Will also be upgrading hardware at the same time to remove the 10mbit (software) cap. The new cap will be controlled by Cisco QoS controls.

July - Services coming soon: Managed business VOIP solutions using Cisco phones.

May 2010 - Email services are now being offered.

Jan 14 2010 - In the process of moving sites to a new host. Twice the bandwidth, four times the system resources. E-Mail services will be resuming soon.

Sep 11 2009 - HTTP service down for 6 hours. System's other services were up. Cause: script kiddie &/or worm against insecure php on a users site. Installed a perl spam script. All the spam has been cleared off and the user with the insecure php's site has been disabled.

May 26 2006 - Sites back up. Post on the forums if your having a problem with your site.
All users recommended to add NS3.QUICKESTHOSTING.COM to their dns.